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Anne Leonard read French and Spanish at Trinity College, Dublin.  She was the first woman Chairman of the Modern Languages Society there, and gave her inaugural address on 'Samuel Beckett - The Trilogy'.  She was a member of Players Dramatic Society, appearing in the Irish premiere of The Maids by Jean Genet, and La Cantatrice Chauve by Ionesco.

Anne was also Editor of Review Magazine.  She lived in Paris, Venice and Milan before returning to  London as a director of European Technical Developments.  She was an officer for many years in the F.A.N.Y. (now the Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps) specialising in Signals. 

Currently she lives in London where, for the last fourteen years, she has been Chairman of Operation New World, a charity that provides outdoor education and environmental training for unemployed young people.  She has taken part in many expeditions to isolated places and will continue to do so in spite of minor misadventures over the years. 

Anne has had many unusual experiences in the course of her work.  For example, she recalls being seized by a wolf in Eastern Europe.  "Luckily he had already had his breakfast", she says.  She has even been captured by Indians in South America - from whom she was rescued by the local National Guard.

Anne is the author of The Junior Dean, R.B. MacDowell: Encounters with a Legend and The Magnificent McDowell - Trinity in the Golden Era.

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