Free employment training courses

What will I learn



UK :

  • Understand the structure and demands of the course,
  • Understand the importance of preparation in order to maximise benefit from the programme,
  • Be aware of the range of employment opportunities and techniques for successful job searching
  • Be aware of the requirements for, and contents of, an appropriate professional CV, and;
  • Be aware of the key elements in maximising chances of a successful interview.



Field Studies

Usually take place in an isolated location, often on an island off the coast of Europe, where trainees are introduced to a range of increasingly complex tasks to develop and employ, with confidence, the hierarchy of skills required in the work environment. A series of seminar sessions  further develop the ideas from the UK programme. Extensive work on leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and motivation is incorporated throughout all the activities. The programme culminates in an extended real-world project employing all of the skills acquired during the programme. This is an intensive experience involving effort and discipline and is what makes the whole scheme work so effectively.

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