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Over the past 25 years, when questioned, our trainees have consistently highlighted a fundamental lack of appropriate careers guidance from both educational institutions and government job centres. Upon finishing their full-time education they have been challenged by an increasingly difficult jobs market with limited understanding of how to effectively search and apply for positions that offer future prospects rather than zero hours contracts, minimum wage and endless volunteering. Many are unaware of the vast range of employment opportunities not formally advertised in the general press, the myriad of entry routes, educational requirements and, importantly, employer expectations. Often they ask the question, “How do I get the experience required in the job specification without having had a first job ?” Operation New World aims to address those issues and enable participants to take the first steps in developing a worthwhile career.



“The programme gives everybody a chance to say ‘Yes, I can do it’ and break the cycle of unemployment”

“At some point during Field studies the disparate group young people who joined the course evolves into a close-knit team, forming firm friendships that will last for life. It is never possible to say exactly when this happens but rt does, every time, and it is a strong contributory factor towards the success of course”  Anne Leonard, Chairman.

The strength of the courses lies in providing participants with a coherent, up to date overview of the jobs market and translating existing abilities into employable skills, which combined with the practical experience results, every time, in new found confidence, motivation and a clearer direction.

Colin Bailey, Programme author and co-ordinator.


“Operation New World continues to inspire virtually all who take part. Its work stretches across a broad spectrum of employment. I have watched students leave the course honed with cutting edge information and a renewed vigour that gears them towards the job market in a way that no other form of education provides. From an employer’s perspective, many Op New World students appear both positive and realistic.” Dr Todd Lewis.


May 2017 was my first trip with Operation New World as a tutor. A one-day seminar a week before our trip to Corsica was our initial introduction to the students. It was immediately apparent that the majority of students” were lacking direction in terms future careers.

Some were quite open about the frustrations and difficulties of not only being unable to find worki in their chosen sectors but also not knowing where to look.  Almost all lacked the self-confidence to drive themselves forward and through the day it became apparent that confidence was low, presentation skills poor and most lacked practical experience.

I would describe the week in Corsica as a complete ‘Game Changer’.  The workload was intense from day one covering basic fieldwork and presentation skills. After only three days students had formed cohesive and productive groups organising themselves into efficient working parties. The students became confident in both their abilities and lack of abilities. It was astounding that in such a short period of time that students were able to learn new information and present it a very coherent and professional manner.

The workload only increased through the week and culminated in a very real project whereby the three working groups excelled in presenting several solutions for a local issue.

Feedback from students has been nothing short of flattering, and in the future I can see at least half the group flourishing in high-level and management positions.  What struck me most over the week was the rapid change in individuals’ attitude and self-confidence.

John Nicholls 

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